Saturday, June 19, 2010

Expecting the Unexpected

So I bought another pregnancy test (didn't I just go through this???) and took it in the store's bathroom. I knew the result before the two lines ever showed up (which took all of 30 seconds). I cried. I looked at my sweet baby boy sitting in his infant carrier staring up at me and I cried. My baby is still a baby and I'm going to have another one? I stuck the pregnancy test in the diaper bag and I wondered aimlessly through the store. I finally came home, laughing and I couldn't stop. Alan was coming home from lunch and I thought I should wait until after dinner to tell him. But I blurted something stupid and he said "are you serious?" I said "yep. positive. (pun intended)." He cried, because he knew I wanted to do some running races next year and get back into triathlons. I reassured him that it would be ok (I guess by this point I was coming to terms with the idea). We laughed and figured that they would be about 13 months apart give or take a few days.

The following days we didn't really say much about it, per my request. I wanted to be in denial for as long as possible. Well that didn't last too long as morning sickness came upon me. I tried ginger ale, saltine crackers, ginger (which by the way is disgusting. I could only suck on it and it worked until I had to spit it out which then made me gag). I tried sea bands and they worked for about a week, that and ice cold water with lemon. Then one morning, Alan was getting ready to go to work and I asked for a piece of toast with butter. He brought it to me and it tasted so good, I ate it all and asked for another. Like a wonderful husband, he fixed me another and brought it to me and my stomach started turning. I said "maybe not." He took it away and got ready to leave. He said to call if I needed anything. He left and I got up, sipped on some ginger ale on the couch and then ran to the trash can. I finally was able to call Alan and he came home. I broke down and called the Dr. I knew if I couldn't keep fluids down I would be in trouble. Thankfully I have an amazing Dr. who called me in Zofran without even seeing me!

Alan went to go pick it up and I felt immediate relief within ten minutes. I had a horrible headache which is part of the side effects, but I could deal with a headache. I was happy that I could function! I went to the Dr. the next week (I was 9 weeks at that appointment) and my Dr. said that I have nothing to worry about and all will be fine. The due date looks to be Jan. 16, 2011 one day before my mom's birthday! However, with repeat c-sections, they will probably take me earlier. They drew blood and scheduled me for the NT scan at 12 weeks. Can't wait to see the lil' person!

We told out families for Father's Day, it was a hit. We put a sign that said "Expecting the Unexpected first arriving Jan. 2011" in their shirts. Everyone was shocked and happy for us! Alan is so relieved that we told the families! He is so excited about this one, talking about cribs, rooms, strollers makes me a little more at ease with the whole thing!

I know it will be hard and crazy, but I am looking forward to it. I loved being pregnant the last time and I know I will enjoy it once this morning sickness subsides!