Monday, April 4, 2011

Loving the Smiles :)

Baby girl is flashin that cute smile!

And Brother helping a busy mama out, though he doesn't look too excited!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Under Construction

Blog redesign! Check back for a new and improved blog!


Confessions and Secrets

Confession #1 I have been horrible about blogging. My computer crashed and burned. Now I have a new computer which has inspired me to work harder on this blog (not really sure why). I really want to document the stories of our life since it seems to be flying by way too fast.

Confession #2 I am a horrible speller. You would think since I write articles my spelling (and sometimes grammar) would be close to perfect. ha. thank you spell check....and when that fails, Google is awesome with trying to figure out what you are trying to spell.

Secret #1 I also want to start another blog about fitness/health. Its such a broad field and I really want to narrow it down to something health fitness related and I want to make money from it. This means I have to have readers and such, which to have readers I have to have interesting content. hummmm.....lots of brainstorming to do.

Until next time (of which I promise will be sooner rather than later) take care!