Baby Products

Here is a collection of baby products we love and use on a daily basis.

Fisher Price Seahorse (comes in pink as well). Average cost is about $14. The belly lights up when you press it and plays lullabies and ocean sounds. Benjamin loved it! I got it for him when he was about 3 months old and he slept with it until a 18 months. I got Meredith a pink one and she could take it or leave it.

HoMedics Sound Spa Lullaby. Average price $20. My dad got this for Benjamin and it has been a lifesaver. It doesn't require batteries and plays six sounds including some lullabies, the heart beat and our favorite ocean waves. My husband cannot fall asleep without this thing! It is that awesome! Plus it has a rotating picture projector with removable discs for different scenes. It also has a timer if you don't want to listen to it all night.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Prices range depending on the size. It is the only stuff that works (at least for us). Benjamin and Meredith never had any serious diaper rash issues, but when the occasional diaper rash did occur, this was the go to stuff. It isn't safe for cloth diaper use, so check with California Baby for their diaper cream.

Born Free Bottles. About $20 for two 9oz. bottles. We tried just about every bottle on the market until finally we bought these. Yeah, they are a little more expensive but no leaks and easy to clean. Plus they said to work just as well as the Dr.Brown's but have few less parts to clean. They are also supposed to help prevent ear infections (Benjamin and Meredith haven't had an ear infection, don't know its because of the bottle or not).

Bum Genius All In One Cloth Diaper. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. These all in ones work like disposables, when the diaper is soiled, flush any solids into the toilet and then put the diaper in the diaper bin and wash later. We started Benjamin in cloth diapers when he was 8 months old (wish I had done it sooner) and so far we haven't had any leaks. Meredith would not fit into the smalls, they were way too big on her 6lb frame. It took about 2-3 months before she could fit into them.