Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Birthday B!

Dearest Benjamin,

Today you are three. How? When? Where did the time go? It seems just last year I went into labor Thanksgiving night. A labor that last 37 hours, ended in a c-section - all of which was not apart of my plans! However, the outcome was a healthy 7lb 8oz 20 inch baby of pure love. And since that day you have rocked my world! You made me a mama and taught me so much about what life is about.

In three short years you have come so far! This year you learned to talk, really talk. With the help of First Steps and Miss Sarah, she worked with you every week for an hour. We played games, working on word sounds, and putting sounds together to form words. In just 6 short months of therapy you went from saying 10 words to having over 100! You are very smart and have an incredible memory according to Miss Sarah. You know how to get to grandma's house and you've known this for over a year!

Here are some memorable events or funny things you say and do:

  • You have an imaginary lion, well, make that 2 lions. Mama rarrr and Dada rarrr. It all started when your over-active imagination thought there was a lion in your room. Instead of making it something scary, you turned it into a pet. When asked what the lion's name was, you said Mama rarr. Soon after Mamma rarr meet Dada rarr. I have sometimes heard of a baby rarr, so I guess we will see where that goes! You also have two pretend girlfriends; Tinina and Carnina. I think they are Mexican twins. 
  • Speaking of imaginations, you love to pretend that you are in a boat and the waves are rough. You also catch fish!  
  • You LOVE trains, riding your balance bike, digging for worms, cooking, going to pump gas. I know, only you would love going to the gas station.
  • Monkey and you have become inseparable. Monkey goes everywhere with you, to grandma's to the store, you don't let him out of your sight. 
  • You wake up Sis in the mornings with a "cock-a-doodle-doo" I'm sure she loves it. 
  • You have been potty trained since you were 27 months old! We still need to work on night time potty training, but during the day and even during naps you are dry! 
  • You call grandma "grrr" and grandpa "papaw or pop-pop" You can now say Jenny and Emmy. Meredith is still Sis and probably will always be Sis. Andrew is baby. I'm still Mama and Daddy is Dada. 
  • You play the harmonica, and actually, you are pretty good. 
  • You will chose fruit over anything. Grapefruit is currently a favorite.Vegetables are a close second. Sometimes you will eat chicken. You love cheese, especially goat cheese. You love Greek yogurt.You maybe allergic to peanuts and walnuts, we are going to get you tested.  
  • You are skinny, dark brown hair and the darkest brown eyes I have ever seen. I call them oreo eyes because they are so dark! You are still in size 2T, the pants are getting short, but the 3T pants fall off of you. You are hanging out at the 35 percentile, weighing in at 31 pounds and 38 inches tall. 
  • You still love to snuggle and before Sis and Andrew get up, you sit in my lap and we watch Curious George. 
  • You went from a crib, to a toddler bed, to a twin bed this year. You are loving your big boy bed! Sometimes I lay down with you and you lay on your side facing me, with one arm draped around my neck. Pure sweetness. 
Benjamin, you have a loving, sweet personality with a touch of curiosity and adventure. Never change that. You are a gentleman by opening doors and saying, "ladies first." You comfort Sis when she is crying by sitting next to her and putting your arm around her and saying, "oh, sis." You talk about how you are going to play cars and trains with Andrew when he gets bigger.

So little man, on your third birthday, my wish for you is to grow and learn and keep this wonderful personality of yours. Never lose your sense of adventure, your wild imagination, your good hugs you give, and always know that your Mama will love you forever, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.

Love Forever and Always, to the Moon and Back, to Infinity and Beyond,