Friday, March 4, 2011

Double the Love

That is what life with two is like. Of course, there is double the work, double the amount of dirty diapers and tears, but with that comes double the happiness, love and joy. Benjamin has taken to this new addition fairly well. He gives her kisses and helps hold her bottle for .2 seconds until he sees something else that is more entertaining that a newborn.

Both babies came down with RSV and that was a challenge. Meredith was the one the Dr. was most concerned about since she was so little. So we did everything to keep her out of the hospital. That meant no sleep for me for two days, round the clock nursing so she didn't get dehydrated and lots and lots of suctioning her nose out. We logged many hours in the bathroom with the shower running to help with the congestion. Benjamin was a trooper. He didn't feel well and had to share his mama with his sister. Somehow we managed to get through it and both recovered just fine and without having to go to the ER.

We are back to our normal days of organized chaos with a few temper tantrums thrown in for good measure. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Water bottle, courtesy of big bro