Monday, September 13, 2010

Benjamin is getting a sister!!!

The lil' lady was all flips and moves and showing off her goods during the ultrasound. Everything looks great and we will be talking due dates in the next month or two; hospitals don't like doctors scheduling c-sections too far in advance. This gives me relief (its still far away) and scares me (we are going to have another baby!). Oh well, Alan is all about getting this lil' lady's room ready in advance (he is painting as we speak) as I crank out the articles. So far I am ahead of schedule with articles and hoping that I can have enough money saved by the end of Nov. to take off for six months with our lil' lady and B. Speaking of the lil' monkey, he is all over the place, trying to crawl or climb up and over everything! And his personality is really starting to show, making us laugh and smile with everything he does. I love him.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

You Know What They Say...

“Every pregnancy is different.” No kidding. With Benjamin, I was a little nauseated but ended around nine or ten weeks. This one…ha, I am 21 weeks pregnant and a wave of nausea will still come over me out of the blue. However; I am grateful I am not throwing up anymore. That was the worst. I was sick with this one starting at eight weeks and continued to get worse until 14 weeks (I think). Like, I said I still get a little green now and then, but I haven’t taken a Zofran in weeks! I am carrying different than with Benjamin, but how would you know, I haven’t taken any belly pictures! I can still fit into some of my jeans; shirts are out of the question! This uterus knows exactly what it is supposed to do and expand it has! I have gained three pounds at 17 weeks, with Benjamin I had gained a lot more than that! I did feel this little one earlier, I am almost positive I felt a little flip-flop around 13 weeks, because I know what it feels like. This little one loves spicy, the hotter the better. With Benjamin I had the worst heartburn when I ate spicy foods. So far, not the case. Pickles, how I love pickles with this one. I remember telling Alan one day “I would drink the juice out of the pickle jar if you weren’t home.” He gave me a strange look. I have more energy with this one, thank goodness! Well at least I do know, the first trimester kicked my butt. Between throwing up and taking care of Benjamin I was sleeping. I have my energy back and enjoying working out most days. We go for a walk every evening and now that the weather is a bit cooler, we are out for a run/walk in the morning. Two mornings a week I do the 30 Day Shred workout video. I am only doing level one and not doing the abs. I was doing this before I got pregnant, so I’m alright to continue. So those are the differences between these two so far. We find out Wed. morning if the little one is a boy or girl. I hope he or she is healthy and growing well! I have a lot to write about in regards to working from home, it’s been a challenge, but so rewarding.