Sunday, September 5, 2010

You Know What They Say...

“Every pregnancy is different.” No kidding. With Benjamin, I was a little nauseated but ended around nine or ten weeks. This one…ha, I am 21 weeks pregnant and a wave of nausea will still come over me out of the blue. However; I am grateful I am not throwing up anymore. That was the worst. I was sick with this one starting at eight weeks and continued to get worse until 14 weeks (I think). Like, I said I still get a little green now and then, but I haven’t taken a Zofran in weeks! I am carrying different than with Benjamin, but how would you know, I haven’t taken any belly pictures! I can still fit into some of my jeans; shirts are out of the question! This uterus knows exactly what it is supposed to do and expand it has! I have gained three pounds at 17 weeks, with Benjamin I had gained a lot more than that! I did feel this little one earlier, I am almost positive I felt a little flip-flop around 13 weeks, because I know what it feels like. This little one loves spicy, the hotter the better. With Benjamin I had the worst heartburn when I ate spicy foods. So far, not the case. Pickles, how I love pickles with this one. I remember telling Alan one day “I would drink the juice out of the pickle jar if you weren’t home.” He gave me a strange look. I have more energy with this one, thank goodness! Well at least I do know, the first trimester kicked my butt. Between throwing up and taking care of Benjamin I was sleeping. I have my energy back and enjoying working out most days. We go for a walk every evening and now that the weather is a bit cooler, we are out for a run/walk in the morning. Two mornings a week I do the 30 Day Shred workout video. I am only doing level one and not doing the abs. I was doing this before I got pregnant, so I’m alright to continue. So those are the differences between these two so far. We find out Wed. morning if the little one is a boy or girl. I hope he or she is healthy and growing well! I have a lot to write about in regards to working from home, it’s been a challenge, but so rewarding. 

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