Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy {belated} birthday Andrew!

Dearest Andrew,

Happy belated birthday! You have survived in this crazy, but loving home for a year! Congratulations, I feel are in order. With you being the third baby in just 27 short months it has provided us with a challenge, but it's been totally worth it! We have loved watching you develop into your own personality. You are laid back, though you are developing a bit of a temper....I think you have been watching your older siblings have their little temper tantrums. You love, love to dance, especially to the "Happy Birthday" song. I guess with Benjamin's birthday in Nov. and then mine in Dec. quickly followed by Meredith's in January; you were all set to sway to the tune of Happy Birthday.

You also love food; in particular bread. Everyone teases you and says you are just like your great-grandpa John. Papaw John loved his bread. You get mad if you don't have bread with each meal...and you might as well give it to you first because if not, you won't eat anything else until you have your bread! Papaw John would be proud.

You can get around by scooting on your butt. You remind me of the babies in some of the diaper commercials where they scoot quickly across the floor. You sure can move and enjoy getting into everything! You love playing with your brother and sister, you three are going to have a lot of fun together!

So, happy birthday Andrew, yes it's a bit late, but it's no indication of how much we love you! Just like your siblings, you were also quite the surprise and we love our three little surprises! :)

Love you to the moon and back.