Thursday, December 11, 2008


We have settled into our life as husband and wife and most important remain best friends. Alan has almost completed his firefighter training, he has worked so hard for this and very passionate about this, I am so proud of him! I am still learning new things as I try to adjust to my new responsibilities at work. We have also began house hunting, it looks promising and hope to have something in the next few months. Alan is so handy with fixing up things, that I have no doubt that our home will be a work of art! We enjoyed Thanksgiving here in Louisville with my side and Kim and Hugh. For Christmas we will be heading south to Florida to visit his mom and dad. Time has flown by and we are enjoying the ride!

Until we see you in person, love and hugs to all!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


The Wedding! 9/19/08

Above: My surprise, a Trek Pilot 2.1 WSD I'm in love with my new bike! Thank you Alan!

Pictures from the rehersal dinner at El Tarasco's and the wedding. Cermony at St. Gabriel Church and reception at the Olmsted. These are not the professional pictures!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our Wedding

Despite the hurricane forced winds that knocked out 75% of the city's power for almost 2 weeks, a great time was had by all! Because of the wind storm, his mom, dad, and brother stayed with us in our one bedroom (and 1 bathroom) apartment. We gave his mom and dad the bedroom, Alan and I slept on the air mattress, and Brian slept on the couch. It was a little cramped until we found them an apartment (our complex rents out furnished apartments) and moved them in when Angie got into town. At one point we had 7 people for dinner in our place! Needless to say we didn't all fit around the kitchen table! But we had a great time!

Thursday was the rehersal and then dinner at El Tarasco's, which was awesome! The food and the live music and singing was great! We gave our gifts and then Alan told everyone that we were going to do the Louisville Ironman in Aug. 2009! People were amazed and surprised! And speaking of surprises...Alan surprised me with a new Trek bike!!! I am in love!

Friday morning was exciting, I went over to grandma and grandpa's house to pick up Andy and Megan so that we could meet up with Emily, Jenny, and my mom to go get our hair done. After that we came back to mom and dad's house and got ready. I helped the girls get dressed and then we went up to the church. Emily helped me get changed into my dress and then the photos began!

St. Gabriel was beautiful, the sun was shinning on the stained glass windows and a cool breeze blew through the doors. We greeted everyone as they came in (which they were all surprised at!) The cermony went great, except for the fact that I couldn't get Alan's ring on! I looked at Fr. John like "what do I do?" And he just looked back at me like "I don't know?" No worries, I finally got the ring on and everyone laughed! By the end of the cermony, the sun had set and everything took on a magical feel.

The reception at the Olmsted was wonderful, lots of dancing, funny toasts, laughing, hugging, and enjoying in the special day! Our dance went off perfectly, everyone asked how long we had been practicing, we told them we had just made it up! And thats the truth! The party ended around 12:30am and a friend took us back to our place. Where we slept on a new mattress, another suprise from Alan :)

Satursday afternoon we went over to my mom and dad's and had sandwiches, opened gifts, and played corn hole. Then my aunt and uncle took us to the airport and the honeymoon began!

More pictures to come from the wedding and the honeymoon in Maine! Amor!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Hurricane During the Week of Our Wedding

So we are 5 days from our wedding and hurricane Ike has graced us with his damaging winds. And no, Louisville does not get hurricanes, however Louisville received hurricane winds from Ike and lots of damage. Many people are without power, including Kim and Hugh in which Alan's mom and dad are staying with. The news people say it will be at least a week before the power in all back on. Shingles and siding are missing from the apartment, there is a hole in Mejer's grocery store, and there was sheet metal flying off a building so they closed our road. All schools are closed and many people don't have to go to work. Major roads and I-71 have been shut down.

The fun part comes in when my mom called and said that they walked up to St. Gabriel and the electrical wires going to the church were on fire. I hope that the power is back on and the Olmsted (where we are having the reception) is in one piece and with power. Should be an fun week!

Here are some pictures from our news website

And yes, that is a bird that was slammed into the ground...poor bird

Lots of trees are down

Thursday, September 4, 2008



Welcome! To our friends and family, especially those that live out of town, we wanted you to have a way to keep track of us! So welcome to our online "house!"

So whats been going on? Well...we will be getting married in two weeks and then a honeymoon to Maine for some outdoor adventures! Alan currently works at IMI as a Quality Control Field Tech! Janelle received her Master's in Public Health and is a Program Coordinator at the Center for Health Hazards Preparedness at UofL School of Public Health. We cannot wait to see what life brings us! Please feel free to post your comments as we share our adventures with you!

Alan and Janelle