Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Hurricane During the Week of Our Wedding

So we are 5 days from our wedding and hurricane Ike has graced us with his damaging winds. And no, Louisville does not get hurricanes, however Louisville received hurricane winds from Ike and lots of damage. Many people are without power, including Kim and Hugh in which Alan's mom and dad are staying with. The news people say it will be at least a week before the power in all back on. Shingles and siding are missing from the apartment, there is a hole in Mejer's grocery store, and there was sheet metal flying off a building so they closed our road. All schools are closed and many people don't have to go to work. Major roads and I-71 have been shut down.

The fun part comes in when my mom called and said that they walked up to St. Gabriel and the electrical wires going to the church were on fire. I hope that the power is back on and the Olmsted (where we are having the reception) is in one piece and with power. Should be an fun week!

Here are some pictures from our news website

And yes, that is a bird that was slammed into the ground...poor bird

Lots of trees are down

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