Monday, May 31, 2010

6 months

Dear Benjamin,

You are 6 months old (and a few days) and its amazing, seems like you just got here yesterday and in other ways it seems like you have been here forever. Daddy and I cannot imagine our lives without you! You are currently up and jumping in your jumper because you decided that sleeping from 8:30pm-9:30pm was good enough and its now time to play. So we are waiting for you to get sleepy.

You have a wonderful laid back personality and love talking to people you know. You laugh all the time and are interested in so many things. You love watching the cars go by and finger painting (yes daddy thinks mommy is crazy for a 6 month old to be finger painting, but you love it!) You still slam your legs down on your mattress at night and you have learned to put your paci in all by yourself. You can hold a bottle and easily turn onto your side, sometimes your belly in the middle of the night. You LOVE your jumper and have figured out how to swing in it. You love anything that makes noise and thinks peek-a-boo with the shower curtain and daddy after a bath is the funniest thing ever! You are in love with the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, you laugh every time I read it to you or sing a verse when you are crying.

Baby, there are going to be so many changes and so many wonderful things happening, just sit back and hold on; mama and daddy will be with you all the way!

Love you to the moon and back,
Mama and Daddy

Monday, May 24, 2010

It's been awhile...

So the day after Mother's Day is my hubs birthday! We had celebrated it when his mom and dad were in town a few weeks ago and surprised him with an awesome Nikon D70s camera. I am not sure who loves it more; him or me, anyway we are getting some great pictures of Benjamin! So on his actual birthday I cooked him dinner an amazing dinner, not the everyday dinner. So he had a great 31st birthday!

Fast forward from then to now and life is changing at warp speed. Where is the time going? My baby is going to be 6 months in a few days and its crazy how big he is gotten! We weighed him on a scale and he is 16.6 pounds which puts him in the 10% for weight. My lil' peanut, however he looks like a chunky monkey ;)

Anyway, here are pictures from our first swim in the pool:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Momma's Day!

Sorry to have neglected the blog; after I recovered from my cold that lasted two weeks, the brother-in-law came to town and stayed for a week. Then the mother and father-in-law came to town and stayed for 4 and a half days. I pulled off a 40th wedding anniversary dinner for the inlaws and a surprise birthday party for the husband! He loved the Nikon D70s camera that we all got him!

Today is Mother's Day and I woke up to a laughing son in the next room, something (probably his feet he has been chewing on) was cracking him up! I laid there listening to that wonderful sound and then realized that I got an entire nights sleep! The little man let me sleep through the night! yay!

The husband did great, two dozen roses, one form him and one from the bebe, plus cards! We then went to McAlisters (yum, potato soup!) for lunch and then went shopping for a Magnolia tree (no such luck, put trying again tomorrow). We then headed over to Macy's to see about getting a new set of sheets and a mixer (we had gift cards still from out wedding!) Scored sheets on clearance and a Sun Beam mixer on sale! Came home played with little man and fed him. He then pooped a very smelly horrible diaper that the husband changed without hesitation! Next up on the list is the husband cooking me dinner, pork on the grill sweet potato and a salad! Yum Yum!

I leave you with what popped up in our garden:

we had to get the tomato plants planted somehow!