Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Potty Training and Cloth Diapering

Two weeks after I came home from the hospital, Benjamin decided that now would be a great time to work on those potty training skills. I knew he was getting close to being potty trained and was actually hoping until after our Florida vacation to attack this next milestone. But Mr. B is in charge and he was ready!

It wasn't easy with a newborn and Miss Meredith who is very interested in what was going on in the bathroom, but we managed and after a few days of Benjamin being stark naked around the house, he was potty trained! I was amazed at how easily it went! He is still in a diaper during nap time and bedtime and I am not sure how we tackle that, but a friend told me it may not be until he is 4 to wake up when he has to go. There are times when he wakes up from his nap and is dry, so we are getting close! Which is good because I was having anxiety over the thought of trying the big boy bed thing again! I'm good if he wants to stay in his crib for life!

And from potty training to cloth diapering, Andrew now fits into the BumGenius size small diapers!
1 month old.
 Side note: not sure why the picture is showing up all dotted like ?