Monday, September 13, 2010

Benjamin is getting a sister!!!

The lil' lady was all flips and moves and showing off her goods during the ultrasound. Everything looks great and we will be talking due dates in the next month or two; hospitals don't like doctors scheduling c-sections too far in advance. This gives me relief (its still far away) and scares me (we are going to have another baby!). Oh well, Alan is all about getting this lil' lady's room ready in advance (he is painting as we speak) as I crank out the articles. So far I am ahead of schedule with articles and hoping that I can have enough money saved by the end of Nov. to take off for six months with our lil' lady and B. Speaking of the lil' monkey, he is all over the place, trying to crawl or climb up and over everything! And his personality is really starting to show, making us laugh and smile with everything he does. I love him.

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