Friday, December 31, 2010

P.J's and apple juice...

My exciting New Year's Eve plans include, shower, p.j's, a movie and a nap before the ball drops. That is if Benjamin sleeps. I have fruit, fruit dip, cheese and crackers and drinks ready. Drinks include Sprite mixed with a choice of either apple juice or what ever type of juice it is on the bottle with Elmo. For a last minute party planning, not bad huh? Don'y worry not entertaining guests, just the hubs and me. My mom's side does a big NYE party every year, but when you are 9 days away from giving birth, already have one baby that is no longer sleeping through the get to do what you want for the most part! So p.j's, movie and a nap is in the plans until the ball drops in about 4 hours.

Hope everyone has a safe night and a new year filled with much joy and love.

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