Friday, March 23, 2012

Welcome Little Prince!

Sunday, March 4th the day before our little one was due, we went to church (where our wonderful priest said a blessing over me and ensured everything would go perfectly tomorrow) and then we hit the home and garden show. That evening after the kids were in bed, Alan and I packed our bags and set the alarm for 4am.

Around 11pm, because we just couldn't sleep, we looked out the window and saw snow! At 4am on our baby's birthday this is what the world looked like:
5 inches of snow!
 Hard to believe that our 'spring' baby was going to be born on a snowy day! As we stepped out of the house to head to the hospital the snow made the world so quiet and peaceful; a perfect start to the day.

At the hospital, I got my blood drawn, an IV started and monitors on. The anesthesiologist came in to talk to me about getting my spinal. I told him that last time I got sick during the delivery, so he ordered Zofran via IV before the surgery. Then Dr. L came into give me the 'game plan' for the delivery and I was set to go!
 Before I went back to the OR the family came in and we got one last picture as a family of four.
I was wheeled back to the OR and things got started. I got my spinal, which didn't hurt at all! I guess with the head anesthesiologist doing it, it's not going to hurt! I felt great during surgery, much better than I did with Benjamin and Meredith! I felt some tugging and pulling and some pain in my chest/shoulder (which is completely normal) and Alan was doing much better than last time! As they were working Dr. L was giving me a play-by-play: "here comes it's head" "it's shoulders are out!" "this one has paws, not hands! They are huge!" And then finally what I have waited 39 weeks for, Dr. Link says, "It's a boy!" And then I cried! It was the best surprise of my life! 

Alan ran right over to him and watched as they cleaned him up and weighed him. He rang in at 8lbs 8oz. 21 inches long! Big boy! And a loud set of lungs! Alan and I decided to name him Andrew Michael. After I got to see him, Alan and one of the nurses (who happened to be the same nurse that helped deliver Meredith!) took Andrew out to see the family. I heard the reactions were priceless! Everyone was excited!

 After I spent some time in the recovery room and got to breastfeed, I was wheeled up to mother/baby unit. By the time I got to my room, everything was spinning and I was throwing up. I received another round of Zofran, but that didn't help. Everyone was up in the room and I was throwing up and Andrew was crying. Alan, his mom and dad took the kids home and my mom stayed with me. I don't remember much of the day because of being so sick. I saw more of the emison basin than I did of my son! But I was told that after two shots of phenergan, I finally stopped throwing up. My body temperature was really low, 96* and didn't come back up until later that evening. However, I felt hot and kept throwing the blankets off of me. They said if my body temperature dropped anymore then they would have to start putting warm blankets on me since the internal organs don't function well when your body is that cold. I could hear people who came to see us, but couldn't keep my eyes open! I was pretty miserable! But so very thankful for my mom, Kim, my grandma, and my sisters who were taking care of Andrew or myself! The Dr. said that I got sick because of the medicine in the spinal. When I had Meredith, I was sick as well, but don't remember it being this bad or lasting this long!

Finally around 9pm; 13 hours after surgery, I was feeling much better and got to see Andrew! Alan stayed with me that first night and after that, it was smooth sailing. I felt great and was up and walking around the nurses' station. Andrew and I were discharged Friday and got home around lunch time.

dressed and ready to go home!

Life as a family of five has been wonderful! It's been crazy and challenging, but to watch Benjamin and Meredith interact with Andrew it's worth it!

There have been some funny stories to tell since we have been home, that I will share as soon as I get a little more time! Think potty training a 2 year old with a 1 year old who tries to dump out the potty and a screaming newborn!

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