Tuesday, November 24, 2009

40 weeks and Dr. appt.

So today is the estimated due date of little Benjamin Thomas and looks like he is staying put. Our little turkey wants to cook a little longer (despite my belly button sticking out, saying "I'm done")

As Dr. L started pressing on my belly he asked about movement and such and then said, "I think your little guy has flipped." "WHAT!?! He is grounded if that's true!" Alan said "how does he have any room to flip?" Dr. L said, "lets find out for sure." So when he checked me internally he said "nope, I can feel his head." WHEW! Not funny Benjamin for tricking us like that!

Dr. L said I am one centimeter (up from a fingertip, woohoo) dilated and 50% effaced (guess he over estimated last week when he said I was 60%). Dr. L was excited that I lost the mucus plug last Thursday...at least something is happening!

We asked Dr. L what the chances of me delivering this week are and he said "40-50% chance" Alan said, "so that's like saying its partly cloudy?"Dr. L laughed and said "yeah." Guess the doctors don't even know for sure. So we scheduled a appointment for next Tuesday (I'll be 41 weeks!) and then we will schedule an induction for that week. Dr. L is on call Dec. 3rd and 4th so we would do it sometime then.

Maybe our little turkey really wants to be a December baby instead. Guess we will wait and see. Benjamin you have at the most 10 days to come on out on your own.

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