Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Family of 5!

Let the chaos continue! Baby 3.0 is due March 9, 2012. We are a little scared, a little nervous, and a bit calm about it all. I mean, really 3 babies in 27 hard can it be? It has to be easier than when they will be 14, 15, and 16 years-old!

With this little one, we are not going to find out the sex until the big day. It's one of those surprises in life that I want to be able to experience. It took a bit of convincing the husband, but he finally agreed. Just like he finally agreed to paint Meredith's room yellow! He has learned that "what the pregnant lady wants, the pregnant lady gets!" The plan is to move Meredith into Benjamin's room since (hopefully) they will both be sleeping through the night and put baby in Meredith's room. That's the plan anyway. Until it backfires, like our last plan of putting Benjamin in a twin bed so we wouldn't have to buy a 3rd crib! That lasted a week, until I was so exhausted of only getting 3-4 hours a sleep at night that I gave in and put him in his crib. He is obviously not ready and really that is fine with me, I am not going to rush them to grow up just because their is a new baby! Plus Alan found a crib that is the exact same as Benjamin's for sale for $89 it was the floor sample, so for $89 I'll take it!

I hope to get better with this blog, because it will be interesting to see how working from home with 3 babies in 27 months will go! And before I go, here are some pictures of my babies getting bigger each day!

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