Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy {belated} Birthday Meredith!


This is forever late, but better than never...right? Anyway, you turned 2 on January 10th and what a wild ride it's been with you! When I think about you, the first thing that comes to mind is your spunky attitude. You have this wild, curious, determined attitude that you can see in your eyes. Wild child we call you. And that you are. You aren't afraid of anything. You will stand on the couch and say with legs ready to jump, "one, two...." and jump into the air, hoping that someone will have heard your count down and reach you before you hit the floor. You my darling, have no fear.

For someone with so much personality, you sure are a little peanut. Still in 12 month clothes, although we do have some 18 month clothes that we roll the pant legs up on. But you are healthy, despite living off of what seems like just bananas, yogurt, graham crackers, and cheese. And not sleeping. You need sleep to grow little one, so let's work in it, ok?

Sis, you are something else. You rule to roost with two brothers, not backing down when B takes a toy from you. You stand your ground. I hope that you keep your sense of determination, spunk, curiosity, and yes, even your daring, wild side (though, I wouldn't mind if you toned it down a bit).

Meredith, you are an amazing, smart little lady, who always has a smile, is always doing something funny to make us laugh. We love you Sis!

Love Forever and Always,

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