Friday, April 10, 2009

Feels Like Home

We bought our first home in February. The previous owners were an older couple who kept everything in amazing condition. They told us that it was their first home too and that they have been there for 40 years and love the neighborhood. Our neighbors are great, some have invited us over for dinner and another one gave us a cookie cake that said "welcome" on it. Ok, on to the details of our home:
1,300 sq feet upstairs (same amount downstairs in an unfinished basement)
3 bedrooms
1.5 baths
large kitchen (well, it was two rooms and we made it one)
living room
large fenced in backyard with a wooded area and creek in the back.
no garage yet, but Alan has plans... :)

With the help of Alan's brother, Brian who stayed with us for a month, we remodeled the kitchen and did some plumbing and electrical work. Also thanks to Tim (who lives in CO for coming out to help for a couple of days), my dad who helped with he plumbing and electrical, my mom who helped with cleaning and keeping us fed. All the friends we recruited to help us move, we couldn't have done it without you! Enjoy the pictures above, just click "play"

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