Friday, April 10, 2009


Amazing, within six months of getting married, we bought and remodeled a home, and during that time got pregnant! It was quite a shock to us all, defiantly not planned, but very much loved! Here is the story...

About two weeks before my period was due, something was just not boobs weren't sore! (red flag #1: boobs) The classic early pregnancy sign is that your boobs become very sore, mine are always sore just before my period and had always told myself "I'll know when I am pregnant when my boobs aren't sore." I wish I had trusted my previous thoughts, it would have saved money on those expensive pregnancy tests! Sunday, March 15, 2009 the day before my period was to show Alan and I were to do some painting in the house. Earlier that morning I went to the bathroom to test, result 2 blue lines, but didn't believe it because I could hardly see it (red flag #2: positive pregnancy test) I crawled back in bed and after what seemed like forever of thinking "no way I am pregnant, I'm on the pill!" Alan woke up and wanted breakfast. He went to fix pancakes and eggs, which sounded good to me, I was hungry (red flag #3: I am hardly ever hungry in the morning). While he was fixing them I went to the bathroom to test again, result 2 blue lines, but didn't believe it (red flag #4: second positive pregnancy test). We sat down for breakfast and started talking about what we were going to do that day. I said that I was going to go out to look for a rug while he did some painting (and to get a digital pregnancy test). I ate my eggs, but the pancakes repulsed me. I gave them to Alan and said "it just doesn't sound good." (red flag #5: food aversions) He looked confused and said, "but you said you wanted pancakes." "I know" I said and he ate my pancakes. I took off for the store while Alan painted. I went to Walmart, couldn't find a rug that I liked, went to Big Lots, not luck there. I ended up at Target, still no rug but I was getting tired (red flag #6: exhaustion) so I bought a digital pregnancy test and went to their bathroom. Took the test in Target's bathroom and within a minute or so "Pregnant" flashes in bold black letters on the screen (red flag #7: third positive pregnancy test). I shove it back in its sleeve and go home. I am shaking all the way and thinking "there is still one more test in the box, maybe this one is defective." I get home and must have looked scared to death because Alan came over to me and gave me a hug and said "what's wrong" as he is looking outside at my car to make sure I wasn't in an accident. I stammered out something, like "I don't know how to tell you..." "What, tell me" "Sit down" I said, "and close your eyes." He closed his eyes reluctantly and I handed him all three positive pregnancy tests. He opened his eyes and said "ok." I said, "do you know what they are and what they mean?" "Yes" he said very calmly. He seemed so ok with this, how? I have been freaking out about it all morning and afternoon!!! Needless to say Alan, my wonderful husband was way more okay with it than me...well at this point anyway. We went along our day thinking and talking about it every now and then. The next day I was still thinking that nope, not really pregnant, I'm cramping and should get my period today. At 9:30am (it comes every 28 days at exactly 9:30am) there was nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch (red flag #8: no period) By this point now, I'm thinking that this is really happening (took me long enough!) I am excited and can't wait to tell our parents! I get home from work Monday and ask Alan about telling my family, he said ok. We went over there for dinner and of all times they were cooking sauerkraut! I started dry heaving before we even stepped in the door (red flag #9: strong sense of smell, just in case your not believing I'm actually pregnant). We sat down for dinner and this is how it went:
"So can you all cook a turkey" I ask. My dad says, "maybe, why?" "Well, we are thinking about having Alan's family up for Thanksgiving this year, with the new house and all." Mom says "good luck getting everyone over there, you know how difficult it is to get everyone together." And then mom and dad start talking about Thanksgiving and other random things. (Obviously at this point the conversation has taken a different turn than I was expecting). So I said "well we would like to have everyone over because.." and I look at Alan for reassurance and he is putting more mashed potatoes in his mouth. "we are having a baby" I said almost laughing. The looks were priceless, dad stops in mid fork full, mom jumps out of her chair to give me a hug, and Emily and Jenny scream "we are going to be aunts!" Dad says, "are you kidding?" Nope your going to be a grandpa. He then says, "wow!" And that is how we broke the news to my family.

After dinner we went outside to roast marshmallows, dad still in shock. Dad and Alan have now finished a bottle of wine by themselves. We call Alan's mom, she doesn't answer. We then get a call back from Judy saying "hello Janelle, sorry I missed your call we were in an exhibit in Epcot, what's up?" At this point I am not really sure how I am going to break the news to her, so I say as I put her on speaker phone "well, we need you all to come up around Thanksgiving." "Why?" she asks very curiously. I said, "because that's when the baby is going to be here, your going to be a grandma" Then there is the loudest shriek, scream, mixed in with some crying, that I am not sure if I heard through the phone or actually heard from Florida. She can't say anything, so she hands the phone over to Ed, and I tell him the news. He is ecstatic and says he is very happy for us and can't wait to be a grandpa. Judy gets back on the phone with me and then Alan and then my mom. It turned out to be a wonderful day.

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