Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taking a look inside: week 12

I'm getting a definite belly!

Profile picture! How cute is he/she?

Close up of face

The tech did a 3D ultrasound to see more detail, I call it the alien picture

Side profile again.

Baby Vaesa: is obviously doing great! We went for the ultrasound Monday, May 11th at 12 weeks and he/she measured a day early! Over achiever! He/she is about 2 1/2 inches long, the size of a plum from what I am told or a pacifier. All his vital organs are present and we are out of the first trimester! So bring back the energy! PLEASE!!! During the ultrasound baby Vaesa was moving around and did a complete flip for us! Grandma Judy, Grandma Karen, and Alan all got to watch. Heart beat is 170.

Momma: the last week of the first trimester was rough with all day sickness, but shhh...it seems to be going away! My hips have started hurting, they feel like they need a good stretch. I bought a prenatal yoga video so we will see how that works. I am constantly hungry, not sure how this thing can eat so much, but by looking at his/her belly its getting enough food! Dr. appoitment went great, blood pressure was 120/72 that's high for me but the nurse said it was excellent and I was a little excited/nervous! I have gained a pound, so all look great.

Daddy: well he turned 30 this past Sunday and I asked him if he felt old and he said no. After the ultrasound I asked if he felt older today and he said yes! haha, poor daddy. He is doing great and got to see for himself that the baby had all extremities and so I wasn't depriving the babe of food. We still don't know if his blood type is negative, Dr. L said that there is a 15% chance that he would be negative, so basically odds are I'm getting the shot twice.

I think that is all for now, I'll update as the week goes on if anything new or exciting happens. But the ultrasound has got to be the coolest thing ever! Its comforting to know that there is a human in there that is making me sick, tired, and hungry all the time!

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