Saturday, May 30, 2009

Growth Spurt!

Remember this picture from last week? That was me on Sunday. The picture below was taken on Thursday, I had a lot of cramping off and on starting Sunday night and continued until Thursday, when I woke up with a baby bump! People at work who didn't know I was pregnant have started to ask!

This is me a day shy of 15 weeks:

Baby Vaesa: could be sucking his or her thumb, the eyes continue to move to the front of the face, the ears continue to develop externally but look like human baby ears. The bones that have formed are getting harder and retaining calcium. If an x-ray was done, the skeleton would be visible (how cool is that?).

Momma: has obviously gone through a growth spurt! I am finally looking pregnant instead of "plump or cushy." When I usually go to Subway I can sometimes eat an entire 6 inch, most of the time I would split a 6 inch. Ha. Friday at lunch I ate an ENTIRE foot long ham subway sandwich and a bag of chips without a problem. I impressed myself! I also felt Baby Vaesa on Friday, I was getting ready to teach a Medical Reserve class and felt what I like to describe as a bird in the belly flapping its wings. I knew it was the babe. I have felt it a few times since then, but not as strong. Another milestone...I have never had to pee so badly as I did today! A bunch of us from my mom's side went to Yew Dell Gardens this morning and I nearly peed myself getting to the bathrooms! I had to go so bad, that I didn't even bother to close the stall door! Sleeping has been another issue, my hips hurt at night, but I have been doing my prenatal yoga that seems to help. So these past few days I have seen and felt a lot of changes!

Daddy: has been wonderful as always :) He is working on fixing the bathroom as I write. He went to assemble to plumbing for the new sink and found that like the kitchen plumbing, the pipes were rusted and clogged bad enough that he had to replace some of the pipes. I guess that is the problem with the older homes! I am just thankful that he is handy and can fix and make such great things for our home! He is also trying to get someone to fix our AC unit, it hasn't been working for about a week. Thankfully it hasn't been too hot here and with the windows open and the ceiling fans on high its not to bad.

Other news: We had to put our family golden retriever down this past Tuesday. Sadie had lymphoma and had been doing great up until a week ago when it got harder for her to breathe. We will always miss you Sadie! On a happier note, we did get our plane tickets to Sarasota FL for a few days vacation, can't wait to spend the days on the beach! And can't wait to see some of our family that we only get to see once a year! Just 3 more weeks!

That's about all in the Vaesa home, until we see you in person love and hugs!

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