Monday, January 7, 2013

Planning it all out

*written earlier this week, just now publishing*

As I sit here trying to plan out Benjamin's 3 year old curriculum, I find myself wondering what do I teach him, where do I start? Obviously his ABC's would be a good place, and he knows some of the letters, but do I start with A? Mix them up? Is there a method? Turns out there is. Start with the consonants  Who would have thought? My guess was A.

Planning this out is a bit scary, but when I first thought about homeschooling, I thought how cool it will be to watch them learn. To go places, to be able to provide them with hands on learning. And then I realized that (at least for the first few years) it may not be all that difficult. Go to the zoo, count the zebras, what color are they? What do they like to eat? You can get your math, science, reading, and so much more all in a trip at the zoo!

And then I thought about when they get older. How cool will it be to be able to study the Grand Canyon and actually go see it??? Again incorporating math, science, reading, geography, social studies, etc all in a family field trip!

But it is easy to become overwhelmed with all this, there is a lot of information out there. I have decided that I will take it a year at a time. And if at any point we decide that this is not the right path for us, and the kids agree, off to traditional school they will go.

But for now, I am excited to watch them learn about the world they live in. Learning should be fun, it should be exciting! And I can't wait!

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