Thursday, March 25, 2010

A different point of view

With the beautiful spring weather (70* and sunny!) here in KY I decided that it was time to take Benjamin for his first of many trips to the park. I called my sister, Jenny to accompany us on this joyous adventure with the family dog, Jesse. So we head to the park and start out with great expectations of walking a few miles. We must have looked like a sightly group, me hiking up my in between jeans (yes, they are not maternity but they are not my old, pre-pregnancy jeans) that are getting too big *grins* babe in stroller screaming because he much rather be held and Jenny trying to keep a 9 month old golden retriever who happens to weigh 80 pounds from pooping on the walk!

Anyway...back to the reason for this post (other than to make you laugh at the mental image you just conjured up in your mind. Sorry). As we were walking I noticed many cyclists and runners. And then there was this small twinge of...not sure what to call it, jealousy? envious? It was a feeling of, "oh  yeah, I remember what that feels like, I miss it." It kind of reminds me of being injured and wanting to get back out there. I watched them fly past us on their sleek bikes, the riders decked out in spandex in cool colors (yes spandex is cool in the cycling world). I saw runners with GU packs (I have to admit, I actually miss the taste of GU! Am I crazy? Probably, but the chocolate tasted like frosting. Honest.) and hydration belts on skinny little waists, ready for a long run. I miss that runner's high, the feeling of accomplishment after completing the assigned mileage for the day. As I reminisce of my triathlon days I am brought back to reality of a 80 pound golden pooping, despite Jenny's best efforts to keep him not pooping and my son who is screaming because the sun is in his eyes. oops. I take a hard look at where I am now. Pushing a stroller (not even a jogging stroller) instead of riding my new fantastic bike that the hubby gave me as a wedding gift. Unfortunately I haven't got to ride it much because winter came and I got knocked up. Instead of wearing cool spandex shorts and a colorful jersey, I am wearing jeans that are too big. But I notice that there is still one thing in common, they have their cool water bottle and I do too! Except my Gatorade bottle is filled with plain water and their is probably filled with either a protein drink (which I disliked anyway) or some tasty flavor of Gatorade.And then I realize that I have something way cooler than them, my son. (And yes, I know that they probably have a just-as-cute kid(s) at home) I have the chance to work at home during the night and be able to spend my days with my little guy.
How cool is that?

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