Monday, January 11, 2010

My New Year's Resolutions...

A little late getting started, but better late than never! Life changes when you have a baby! So I am focusing my resolutions to help Alan and I transition from couple to parents. With the opportunity to work for Demand Studios and write articles from home, I will be able to focus more on keeping our life a little more organized and less chaotic. I am hoping that I stick to these resolutions and will make them part of our life. I want to start good habits now, instead of trying to figure it out when we have more than just Benjamin to take care of. So here they are;

  1. Home: Set the timer for 15 minutes and straighten the house. Also, complete one cleaning chore a day. This works out to be; Monday: laundry day Tuesday: vacuum and mop the floors. Wednesday: run errands. Thursday: clean bathrooms. Friday: clean kitchen. Saturday: big projects. Sunday: planning for the week ahead.
  2. Cook healthy meals: follow the Mediterranean food pyramid. Develop a weekly menu (this will help ensure healthy meals and cut costs at the grocery store)
  3. Exercise 4 times a week. I would like to run the mini marathon (aka 1/2 marathon) again this year, but with Alan being gone 3-4 nights during the week, I'm not sure how it will go.
  4. Read one book a month
  5. Date night at least once a month
I may have to tweak them as I find out what works for our little family.

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